What is gossip? Hotspot: Zhou Dongyu received a big face plate from a friend

What is gossip? Hotspot: Zhou Dongyu received a big face plate from a friend

Yesterday’s hot search for the first gossip news: Zhou Dongyu received a big face plate from a friend.What is gossip? Hotspot: Zhou Dongyu received a big face plate from a friend.

This is the news that the book reviewer randomly selected from the top of the latest Weibo hot search list. How, has it already evoked your desire to eat melon?

What is gossip? Hotspot: Zhou Dongyu received a big face plate from a friend

We often say that we are now in an era of information explosion, especially for all kinds of gossip news and gossip.

From the incident of Jiang Jinfu’s domestic violence, to the video of the demolition of the Baiyao schoolmasters, Xu Zhi’an’s derailment, and then to the recent Liu Qiangdong suspected of sexual assault…

In our public field, there is never a lack of gossip. Every other time, there is a big melon coming over, which makes the people who eat melons unstoppable.

From the shortness of the parents in the streets and to the afternoon chats of politician professors, it seems that the “gossip” that is difficult to be elegant is never absent in daily life.

People enjoy the fun and pleasure they bring, and they are inevitably caught in some moral dilemma. Gossip, say, still don’t say?

Why are we so eager to gossip? If rumors are always inevitable, how can we “eat melons” gracefully?

Today’s push is related to the self-cultivation of a “people who eat melons”.

Source of gossip

“Gossip” originally referred to the Chinese totem, and there is a saying of “Taiji gossip”, which seems to be quite different from the meaning of the gossip news we talk about everyday.

Why is the “gossip” used to refer to the short rumors of the parents? The saying that is circulated on the Internet is that when the Hong Kong Yellow Book was published in the early years, it will add a gossip picture to the key parts of the cover photo, similar to the current mosaic effect, to avoid legal liability. This type of magazine is called “Gossip Magazine”.

Another said that in the old days, Hong Kong specializes in spying or discussing other people’s privacy or insider magazines are eight-open size, while Cantonese’s eight-open and eight-tone sounds are close, so it is called “gossip magazine”.

Some scholars have specially conducted research. Chen Changfeng, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, believes that the word “eight” represents a trivial and vulgar derogatory meaning. For example, Hong Kong has the word “eight-poor”.

Gossip News focuses on the secularized information on clothing, food, housing and travel, and even the lace news after a meal. The host Liang Dong described the “gossip” as a state of eyebrow dance caused by curiosity and voyeurism, corresponding to the gossip in English.

The American essayist Joseph Epstein once wrote a book called “Gossip: Not a Shallow Hobby”. He elaborated on the characteristics of gossip: implementing a group’s moral norms and satisfying people’s desire to become insiders.

Gossip is “a truth, which is passed out through personal, private, and post-mortem diaries.” Hearing the gossip is like getting a stolen goods. “It makes you an immediate accomplice of the people who spread the gossip to you.”

Gossip is an interesting speculative, unedited message that “two or more people tell the story of another person, and this person does not want these things to be circulated.”

In this regard, the American writer Henry Allen commented: “We hope that Epstein will try to define the gossip. He does not, but he is funny and elegant, and we barely realize that he has not defined the gossip.

Maybe gossip is undefined. It has too many forms, including jealousy, assault, privacy, shameful moments, vanity, scandals, strategic information about the boss, and embarrassing facts. Maybe living is for gossip, gossip is to live. ”

Why do we love gossip?

The study found that, on average, 80% of human waking hours are spent with the company of others. We spend an average of 6 to 12 hours a day talking, most of them talking to one person at a time. Nicholas Emler, a social psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, examined the content of people’s daily conversations. He found that 80% to 90% of conversations are about specific, cognitive people, that is, Gossip.

What is gossip? Hotspot: Zhou Dongyu received a big face plate from a friend

The anthropologist Robin Dunbar believes that human rumors are equivalent to the social management of other primates.

At some stage of primordial human evolution, as the population grows larger, individuals need to manage more and more others in order to maintain their relationship in this larger group. Language was formed at this time.

Once the language begins to replace the grooming, people can “finish the hair” while doing other things (foraging, marching, and eating), that is, gossip.

In evolutionary psychology, gossip is critical to human evolution. Psychologist Robert Wright wrote in “Ethical Animals” that collecting information through personal experience can be laborious and dangerous.

Through gossip chat, we can quickly know who can cooperate, who is a jerk, where there are dangers and opportunities. It can be said that gossip is a benign, self-protecting important instinct developed by human beings in the long-term evolution.

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