Don’t let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace!

Don't let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace!

After 7 of this month, Zhuo Wei and other great entertainment shows V were sealed throughout the network, and the news content of the entertainment gossip on the WeChat public platform was also suspended.

According to Internet users’ incomplete statistics, fashion entertainment news, including serious gossip, poisonous language film, gossip growth association, lobebei, Nandu Entertainment Weekly, Bazaar entertainment and 25 other WeChat public issues of Known entertainment gossips were suspended. Don’t let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace!

Don't let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace!

I don’t know when, entertainment information has become gossip news. In the eyes of some people, it does not mean that the loving marriage of the stars, motherhood and anecdotes, scandals, scandals, even coughs and sneezes, are also a surge of consumption.

According to the information survey, from the perspective of the owner of today 2016, entertainment information is far ahead, representing almost 70% of the total platform, and the news that really are related to the livelihood or the elegant art of the People can only be suppressed. The corner of the eye.

Entertainment gossip, it seems that the “headlines” are not lacking. Don’t let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace! The innate curiosity of human beings is easily triggered by flashy entertainment gossip.

The more people pay attention to gossip, some “star detectives” and “paparazzi” will spare no effort to take advantage of the privacy of the star scandal, improve the click rate and reading volume of their star hunting account, and then get greater economic benefits.

As a result, some vulgar and kitsch entertainment gossips flooded cyberspace, which not only had a negative impact on the stars themselves, but also had a bad influence on the public, especially in young people’s perspective on life, values ​​and worldview.

Some people say that, as a public figure, publicity of private space is inevitable. Lawyers believe that although the privacy of public figures, especially the stars, is limited, that does not mean there is no taboo to report!

Don't let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace!

“Public figures should only be restricted if their personal matters are related to public affairs, public interest and public interest in the public’s right to know.” The stars are also citizens, and their privacy is also subject to the law. Protection.

The “Internet Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, which was implemented on June 1, 2017, expressly states that no individual or organization can use the Internet to participate in activities such as violation of reputation, privacy, Intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of others. You can see that those big Vs who are interested in taking advantage of the privacy of the stars have clearly touched the legal red line.

Entertainment gossip is rampant in cyberspace and, to some extent, is the result of ruthless competition between different platforms. The pattern of “there must be a brave man under the reward” is clearly biased in the field of entertainment point information. To clarify cyberspace, it is necessary for the website to assume the main responsibility, compress the entertainment and entertainment space from the entrance, and abandon vulgarity and rumors.

Regulatory authorities have negotiated and urged the website to suspend the WeChat public number of a lot of entertainment gossip. This is an original source. I hope that all platforms and users are really attentive and take this remediation action as an opportunity to purify the network environment.

Don’t let entertainment gossip hurt people in cyberspace! Only by working together and building the final result in all aspects can we make our cyberspace cleaner, healthier, more civilized and more harmonious.

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